Welcome to I2TClub’s documentation!

Welcome to I2TClub. I2TClub is an online investment advisor. It allows members to

  • Share their investment activity with others
  • Utilize the investment activity of others in their own investment portfolio

We believe in social trading. We believe traders are better than algorithm robots. Top traders often trade in fast-moving markets. Simple order replication makes their strategies worthless. We aggregate orders across the trader and investors. Execution price is the same, no matter how volatile an investment vehicle is.

Why investing with us?

Active investing. Yes, we believe in active investing. We believe active investing outperforms passive investing, when managing small funds.

No one masters everything in trading. At I2TClub, we allow you to allocate your capitals to multiple funds. With these diversified trading strategies, your risks could be greatly reduced.

Unlike professional money manager managing billions of dollars, our platform allows traders/managers starting from $0. Their strategies are agile enough to deliver higher returns.

Our platform allows investors to access many traders/managers from $0 with low fee, while financial advisors requires higer assets and charges higher advisory fees.

Technology. We are a FinTech startup, and we put technology and innovation first. We use disrupt technology to deliver new investment services, pursuing higher return, lower risk, and lower fees.

Why managing funds with us?

Show your talent. We believe you are one of the many good independent traders. You learned everything on investing. Follow your passion and focus on your strength. Leave the marketing job to us.

Getting paid. You determine the Direct Access Fee percentage. We pay you 70% of the fees collected. There is really no ceiling there.